How we think..

Every person is unique, with its own taste and preference. Also in appearance. That is why everyone deserves customization. Atelier Vinkenoog pays attention to both inner and outer well-being; Personal Design.

Fast fashion
Do you find a perfect wardrobe more important than a closet full of fast fashion? We are happy to help you with that. By consciously purchasing clothing, you work with us on a sustainable – instead of overfull wardrobe.

Slow fashion
Which wool, cotton or linen is used? What is the food print? And under what conditions does the tailor work? At Atelier Vinkenoog you can assume that attention is paid to the best conditions for people, animals and the environment.

Second Life Suits
Unnecessary clothing and a clothing bin too impersonal? Then hand in your suits, jackets and shirts at Atelier Vinkenoog. We make sure that this is steamed and repaired free of charge and ends up at the right destination. Representative clothing becomes available to everyone. So also for those who cannot afford it. More info about this initiative >>