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Tailor your Identity

A place of fashion for the modern man. But who is the modern man? Today men have the choice and can be whomever they choose to be. There is no wrong about being a dominant competitor, a colorful bird or an empathetic homemaker. And being all of it. Show your muscles, publish your vulnerability, tell your courage and show your colors.

Atelier Vinkenoog. For men with character.



Let us tailor soul in your wedding suit. Whether it’s a grand ballroom affair or a casual beach party it’s the most important suits of your life.


→ Tailor your weddding identity


A suit makes you feel more powerful. It is like dressing up the brain and part of your professional image. Your non-verbal voice.


→ Tailor your business identity 


You think it’s not common to get your casuals tailored? We think it should be! Your clothing impacts your mood, attitude and motivation.


→ Tailor your casual identity



Gaat het echt allemaal om de jurk? Vertel het je verloofde en laat voor jezelf het perfecte trouwpak maken..


Het dragen van een pak geeft je een zelfverzekerd gevoel. Alsof je je onderbewustzijn positief beïnvloedt door een stijlvol professioneel imago. Je non-verbale stem spreekt.


Is het voor jou nog niet vanzelfsprekend om je favoriete casuals op maat te laten maken? Het perfect gesneden jasje, slim-fit shirt en casual chino maken we met keuze uit meer dan 5.000 stoffen.

  • The beauty of tailoring    The beauty of tailoring

“Everyone is unique, has its own taste and preference, both emotionally and in appearance. Atelier Vinkenoog is a guided place to be yourself and express oneself creatively.”

The Modern Man, who’s that? What’s your image and how do you want to express yourself?

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Atelier Vinkenoog is located in just above Amsterdam-Noord in beautiful Waterland. Experience our craftsmanship and personal service in our peaceful atelier.


Arthur Vinkenoog

When Arthur Vinkenoog started as an entrepreneur in fashion in 2010, tailor-made clothing was still in its infancy. Tailoring on site was certainly unknown and very innovative. Being progressive in product and convenience in combination with quality has always been - and will always be - his starting point.

The last years Arthur Vinkenoog approached the challenges and developed his skills not only as a tailor, he learned the key is to pay attention to both, inner and outer wellbeing to attain the best result. With color, shape and style as a foundation or customization, Arthur Vinkenoog provides more than a personalized treatment than you may expect. Everyone is unique, has its own taste and preference, both emotionally and in appearance. Atelier Vinkenoog is a guided place to be yourself and express oneself creatively.

As a result, Arthur's clients get a unique personal style. You can see and feel Arthur values ​​precision and fit regarding to any body type, that leads to the most importantly: to feel totally comfortable in your tailored clothing. It's a approach that has brought its rewards. Long-term personal relationships with customers confirm the success of Atelier Vinkenoog.