We create your perfect fit and make it unique.

As finding the perfect dress shirt fit on the rack mostly never has been easy and nowadays there is not even the need of a big price difference between tailored and ready to wear shirts – we believe that there is no better wardrobe investment than customized dress shirts made by us.
Slim fit tight on the body or a certain comfort? Long arms, big biceps, wide shoulders, a slender waist? We create your perfect fit and make it unique with offering a wide range of cuffs, buttons, yarns and monograms.

At Atelier Vinkenoog you can choose out of more than 2,000 fabrics in various price categories from the classic shirt to the luxury version plus various finishing options to tailor your identity. 

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Atelier Vinkenoog is located in beautiful Amsterdam-Zuid. Experience our craftsmanship and personal service in our elegant studio or on site at any location.